Daniel + Katie | Rustic Backyard Wedding | Waterford, VA


This wedding, guys. THIS WEDDING. Goodness, let's talk about it, shall we? Daniel and Katie's story was so unique but adorably cute. Daniel lived in Katie's parent's house on the lower floor. She was uninterested, but her friends told her, "You better not fall for him." Well, funny story... SHE DID. They began hanging out more frequently and badda-bing-badda-boom THEY FELL IN LOVE. Haha! I honestly love stories like theirs- two people thinking they aren't interested in each other and then BAM, months later they're married. It always makes me chuckle.

Their wedding day was stunning. Daniel and Katie are both sweethearts, and their love for each other is so raw. I could truly tell they are best friends. Before they sealed the deal at their ceremony, they had a time of worship and sang side by side. A true moment of beauty in my eyes. Oh, and they had Chipotle for their reception meal- another true moment of beauty for me, ha!

Here's a sneak peek of this beautiful wedding... more to come soon!