Alex + Evelyn | Dacor Bacon House, D.C. Wedding


Wow, where do I start with this couple. Alex and Evelyn are one of a kind, in the best way. I've never seen a couple so in love AND so loved by their family and friends in the same way these two have it. Every bridesmaid wanted to help Evelyn get ready- a few even helped her put on her earrings. Then Alex and his buddies... I could totally feel that brotherly love. From the moment I met Alex and Evelyn, I loved them. Yep, they're just a lovable couple.

Throughout their wedding day, I found myself taking an excessive amount of photos. Ok, yes, I usually snap a dang lot of pictures but this day was extra dang. There were just so many beautiful moments shared between the two... I couldn't stop my finger from clicking.

It's crazy to think that the week leading up to this wedding was a bit hectic. Alex and Evelyn really wanted to shoot along the National Mall, but we soon learned that Rolling Thunder would take place on their wedding date. If you aren't sure what "Rolling Thunder" is- don't worry, I didn't either- it includes around 900,000 motorcycle riders who parade through the streets of Washington, DC to memorialize POWs and such. So, yep, we wouldn't be able to get around. It was a bummer because the memorials and monument were more than just a "picture spot" for them. They held value as in... Alex and Evelyn first met in D.C., their engagement was at the Thomas Jefferson Memorial, and other little pieces of their relationship tied back to that area. With that said, yes, we had to rethink our strategy of where to shoot, but thank God their venue turned out to be incredible.

It was truly amazing how God made sure this wedding went so smoothly and beautifully. When I arrived in DC it was down-pouring. Insanely. My friend and awesome assistant, Jessica, and I were sprinting to the venue, but before I walked in I said a quick prayer asking for the rain to stop as soon as it was time for outdoor pictures. And what do you know... IT DID.

Ok, I'll shut up now because the pictures tell more of the story. Go, go! (There's a million... heads up!)