Tyler + Caprice | Kona, Hawaii Proposal


Ohhhh these two... I met Tyler and Caprice in Kona, Hawaii while we were on a missions trip. Tyler and I were sitting at a table and started chatting about how he wanted to propose to his girlfriend. I obviously couldn't pass up such a beautiful opportunity, so I told him I would "LOVEEEE" to photograph it.

We started scheming from there. Tyler introduced me to Caprice later that day, and I told her I'd love to photograph her and Tyler. She was all for it! (The plan was already going smoothly).

Tyler planned to propose the next Sunday. The Saturday before, I told Caprice she would have to wake up at 5:30 am for a sunrise shoot. Let's just say this is when Tyler and I started stressing out that the plan may not go through, but thankfully, with a little persuasion we got Caprice on board. THANK GOD.

You may be wondering... how did Tyler pop the question? Well, I told Caprice that I wanted to take some dramatic pictures of her staring out into the water. When she turned around, Tyler and I did some secret hand language, and... take a look...

(*OH, and look out for "The Wobble" dance moves at the end.)